Thursday, January 18, 2007


Brrrrrr!!!! It was COLD today! Apparently even for here. This morning I walked to work in -35degrees with the windchill. NEGATIVE THRITY-FIVE!!! Instantly, bone-chillingly cold! Tomorrow we're supposed to be back up to a balmy -6, so that will be nice. I tried to take a picture of the frost on the window, but it only sort of worked:

We've spent the last couple of days working on the living room. That wasn't the original plan, but an opportunity to potentially teach a yoga class in there has got us working like busy little beavers to get it done. So far, the living room has been closed off and packed with so much stuff it was impossible to walk through. So all that got cleared out and semi-organized. It actually made the house feel a lot more open because we also cleared out the front hall and set it up a little bit too. Still ugly, though.

AND we put the first food into the pantry! It was so fun, just like setting up house when I was a little kid. It feels really good to get that all cleared out and begin to have some, even just a little, organization in the house.

Jai subbed in a game of curling tonight while I was at work. Wednesday night is the competitive league, so it was a little tense, I think, but he says everyone was at least friendly. We won our game on Monday night against our imaginary arch-rivals. It was a really fun game because both skips were calling some highly creative shots.
And that's all our news!


Anonymous said...

hi guys - who would have thought someone could call -6 balmy!! I don't think I've ever experienced -35 but Errol might have given he's from there (the opposite of from away). aaagh, Errol wants to write something....
Hi, It's me (Errol). So we've had to wait until the middle of January til we could get in our gloating. I was beginning to think it was never going to happen this year. What I remember about weather that cold,(at least I think it was that cold.We were on farenheit back in the old days)was being so cold that if you took a deep breath in, your nostrils would stick together. is it that cold? Oh, and I wouldn't advise sticking your tongue on the car door in that temperature. anyway, spring is just around the corner. The corner just happens to be waaaaay down the block.take care you two and stay warm.
me again ... Jai, how was it curling in the competitive league? Hope you remembered to enjoy yourself - good on you to progress so quickly! Congrats on the Monday night win!
Have a great day guys - we're eagerly awaiting the living room changes!XO MomJoc ps have you been watching the 'merican idol tryouts ... sheesh, too bad middle aged tone deaf women can't try out - anything has to be better than some of that gang

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that it has been so long since I have checked your blog. Boy, you guys are really going to town. The pantry looks amazing. Love the colours and the floor looks great. Bet it does feel good to finally have a place to put groceries and the like. Heard you finally have winter too. It is very cold here this weekend--Dad and I tried to go up north on Saturday (Dad needed to try our the new truck) but had to turn back at the 400. It was crawling along at a snails pace. Figured it would take us till Sunday to get there. Will try again next week. Love the wedding pictures too.
Love Mom.

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hi guys good to hear from you. The cold is keeping us inside and working on the house is keeping the blood pumping (and flowing if you count scraped knuckles). Hope to have the living room ready for Lauren's first yoga class on Thursday. Gotta go and climb under the covers. *shiver* :)