Saturday, January 13, 2007

more wedding pics and a lazy day

Hello! We've had sort of a relaxed couple of days. Ever since I've started working, I feel like I can enjoy my down time a little more, which is silly because I'm only working 20 hours a week! Anyway, today we spent just doing some things around the house. We hung our new dust filter in the shop, which is going to be so amazing - one step closer to the ever elusive dust-free environment! We were outside in the yard just tidying up some brush and trying to figure out how we want to arrange things in the spring. It was a nice warmish kind of day, so we decided to drive down to the beach for a while. We got some beach rocks to start a proper fire pit, although we have a lot more prep to do before we can actually burn anything. There was already a temporary fire pit there with cinder blocks, so we pulled all that out and moved it over a couple of feet. We're thinking of setting up a nice little area with gravel and benches all around it. It'll be really great in the summer. Tonight we went over to Sarah and Derek's house, and jai and Derek and a fellow named Andre sat around upstairs and watched Borat and Jackass 2, while Sarah and I sat in front of the fire and knit and chatted and drank tea. It was great. And now Emma is having a great time running all over the house, onto the bed, off the bed, into the wallpaper pile, down the stairs, up the stairs, onto the bed, off of the bed...and so on. It's really cute. All in all, what a fabulous day! I don't have the camera up here to put up any pictures, but I thought I might put up a few more of the wedding pics, so here they are:

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