Tuesday, March 05, 2013

IF - Talent

Hello! Illustration Friday is here again.  The word this week is "talent."  I've been watching a lot of farm videos on YouTube lately, and wanted to do something with a more country feel to it.  Here is a talent I wish I possessed - sheep shearing.  This person won a prize!
My mind kept skipping more in the direction of what you might call "skill" versus a more traditional "talent" - but really, I have trouble with the distinction.  What is talent without skill?  Everything takes work, I say.  Practice, practice, practice.  And to that end, it took me a few tries.
 First off, I tried the oil pastels.  Griffin was really interested in this, and kept drawing on my page.  He did the first layer of sky, the black sheep, and some of the grass, which is lovely, but also frustrating.  Anyway, I like this - I wanted something bright and child-like, but then I thought maybe it was too messy, and a little bit overworked.
 Next I took out the pencil crayons.  Griffin was at pre-school, but Holly really wanted to help.  I like this, but am not sure how clear it is just what is going on.
Lastly, I did one with charcoal and watercolour.  I put the people closer together, so it (hopefully) is a little bit clearer what has happened. I like this one, too, I like how I was able to keep it light and not too overworked.  Ha!  
And once again, I can't make up my mind.  What about you?  Which one do you like best?


Red Maple Tree said...

Yes! nice post. I like first one best. Thanks.

Alfonso Coley said...

Very creative works of art, lovely indeed.