Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Winter Day

Oh no!  Winter came back!  I know, I know, March is like that.  March is supposed to be like that.  Whatever.

It's hard to believe today, but these pictures were taken one week ago, on our first trip to the beach, of 2013.  And yes, we are all wearing our snow gear, but it really wasn't that cold.  We stayed at the beach for over an hour, climbing around on the rocks and exploring the tide pools.

This time of year has the biggest tides at our Bay of Fundy beach, and we see bits of beach that aren't visible at any other time of year.

Today, the wind is bitter, and no one is asking to go outside.  Holly, Griffin, and I have once again come down with colds.  Winter.  Blech.

Still, there are signs that Spring is definitely approaching.  People with maple trees are out tapping.  The birds are singing a little more these days.  We've seen quite a few flocks of geese, flying and honking, over our house.  Those little snowdrops are poking out more and more, ready to blossom, even under the snow.

And so we must learn to do the same  :)

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