Monday, March 04, 2013

Hibernation Station

Hello!  What a week we had!  Griffin had a tummy ache Thursday morning, and then threw up all afternoon, and all night long.  We were all a little tired on Friday, but everyone felt all right.  Griffin was much better, and no one else was sick... until Friday night.  Holly and I started Friday night, right after bedtime, and Jai started a few hours later.  Oh dear.  There followed several hellish days, and a veritable mountain of horrible laundry.  The kids, of course, bounced back almost immediately, but the same cannot be said for Jai and I.  Not at all.  Over a week later, and I still can't think of it without shuddering.  Enough said about that.
We're all back to normal now, and life is settling back down.  Spring is in the air.  There's tulips on the table, and I can start to imagine them out there, under all that snow.  It will be months before we see any tulips in the garden, but there's a certain promise in the air.  Soon, we will start to dream of this year's garden.  But for now, we are enjoying these days of winter - days where we can give ourselves permission to be completely lazy, to burrow down, to hibernate.  With snacks.  There's something sweet in that.

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