Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter, winter, winter

Hello again!  Well, we survived another blizzard. And even though the weather is not great, it's really not that terrible.  As I sit and look out the window, I can see the sun shining, a little red squirrel eating something out of the tree, and some bare ground.   We spent a good portion of the day outside today, and, while I know that I may live to regret saying this, there is a feeling that Spring is around the corner.   Not here yet, not even imminent,  but starting to dream it's way back into reality.

We had a lovely Valentine's Day, with a special cupcake making and decorating party, and a trip to the city.  Jai and I were "working" most of the weekend, so we didn't get a lot of time to spend together, but still it was nice to get out of the house, and visit with my parents.  We love it, and the kids do, too.  The grandparents love it, too, though I suspect they are glad to see us leave again, at the same time.
These winter doldrums can be hard to beat, so it's always nice to shake up the routine a little.  It doesn't seem as though we will be winning any trips to Mexico this year, so we may have to come up with something else.  Maybe a faux trip to Mexico, with the kids?  That could be fun.  Tacos, margaritas (with and without alcohol!), maybe a trip to the nearest indoor pool? (nearly 45 minutes away), and a few episodes of Dora the Explorer... Might stop Griffin from running laps around the house, which is what he's doing in the top picture.  He starts and stops at that wall, and between each lap he shouts, "Again, only this time do it faster!"

Anyway, I can hear Griffin in the other room lecturing Holly, so I should probaby go.  I hear, "No, Holly, I'm telling you No!"  Might be time for Mom to intervene!

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TC Harris said...

A trip to Mexico in the comfort of your home sounds like a fun idea!