Tuesday, February 05, 2013

IF - Wheel

Hello again!  Here's my Illustration Friday piece for the week!  The word is "Wheel."  This is a page from a story I have in my sketchbook.  It's all about a little girl who really loves her blanket and takes it everywhere.  Her parents try to get her to give it up, but she won't.  They even try to bribe her with a bicycle.  (Sound familiar, Mom?)
  We have pictures of wheeled things all over our house, but I wanted to get this out of my head, if I could.  I'll probably end up doing it again one day, because now that I can see it on the paper, I can see some things I might do differently.  Still, it's nice to see it on paper, instead of in my head!

1 comment:

hedwig said...

I'm glad you put it on paper, so now I can see it. I love the girl and her painting parents too. And the fence. It makes it all very cosy.