Sunday, February 10, 2013

Holly's New Jumper

We're having a nice, lazy day around here, as the world outside recovers from the latest blizzard.  We didn't get hit too hard - our power stayed on, and we were nice and cozy warm with the woodstove going.  Griffin and I made cheddar &  bacon muffins, and everyone's been happily munching away on them all day long.

Speaking of making... I actually made a thing for Holly!  So here it is, everyone that helped!  Holly in her new jumper.  This is a pattern from a library book, and I needed a lot of help, mostly because they pattern they provided had the pockets printed upside-down.  I thought that might be so, but I'm not an experienced sewer, and didn't trust myself.  It took both my Mother and my Mother-In-Law to get this done, and my friend Ambre to pick up the fabric from the store - truly a group effort.

When it was done Jai asked me if it was worth it.  Yes, I said.  She's going to wear it every day.

(Yes, that's a big stain down the front.  Of course!  I just had to give the kids a big pile of strawberries with their breakfast.   Luckily, it disappeared once dry (three cheers for brown corduroy), but here it is in the pictures, recorded for all posterity!)

Anyway, I know this was brief, but I've got to run for now.  Kids, you know.
The whole house smells awesome - we have a big pork roast from pigs raised by our friends, cooking away in the slow cooker.  Yum, yum.  Hooray for snow days!


Anonymous said...

The jumper looks great ... Glad to have been there to help:) Holly looks adorable in her new outfit! We're trying out a slowcooker meatloaf today. Xoxo mom

kyle + lisa gillespie said...

Cutest jumper ever!

p.s. i love your blog :)

TC Harris said...

She looks too cute! Love the jumper!