Saturday, January 05, 2013

Winter Ramble

Hello again!  Hope you are well on this crisp clear winter day!  We currently have about a foot of snow on the ground, not counting the piles.  There are piles of snow everywhere.  It's absolutely heavenly if you happen to be 3-1/2 years old.

It's finally warm enough that the floors don't numb your feet (or hands, if you happen to still be crawling - you'd think that would be good incentive to walk!)  The sun is shining in the windows, once again.  So, naturally, I am sitting at the computer!  (Sheesh!)

Griffin has begun "swearing" as only a 3-1/2-year-old can.  If Holly does something he doesn't like, he shouts "Booger, Holly! No!  Booger!"  Yesterday morning, he added to his lexicon - Holly tried to grab his truck, and he snatched it back and shouted "Barf!"  I can't help it - it makes me laugh.  What a wonderful spontaneous way to express something we've all felt.  Plus, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before more mainstream words make their way into his vocabulary, so I am going to enjoy this stage while I can.

Holly has been busy growing teeth - two more this week.  She now has 4 on top, and 1 on the bottom.  A bit lopsided, but pretty cute.  She is happily quite a handful.  I just had to stop typing because she somehow managed to climb into a box that Jai had left on the couch and then managed to slide the box off the side of the couch, while in it.  That's my girl!

 We took Christmas down today.  It's always kind of nice, at the end of the season, to get your room back.  Now it feels like the new year.  I start thinking ahead... what will 2013 bring?  Jai and I are trying to make a list of all the things that need us to spend money on them, so we can try and plan out where our limited resources will be going in the next year.  As always, the list out is longer than the list in, but it is nice to be thinking ahead, and dreaming of little ways to make improvements.  My lists always start out with the fun stuff, and end up with the stuff that I remember as I go - things like maintenance, repairs, and bills.  Jai looked at my list, and said, "that looks right, if we do it in reverse order."  Booger!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Ontario. Loved the pictures and calendar and our chat on christmas day.
Hugs for the kids - Love Mom & Dad

Sherrie said...

Oh, I love his swearing! So cute. (But don't tell him that.)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! Was so glad to get a chance to see everyone this past summer at Deer Lake!!!