Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IF - Myth

Hello!  The word on Illustration Friday this week is "Myth."  I actually had a few drawings that I worked up for this one, but only one that made it all the way to finished.  Holly didn't nap this week while Griffin was out at preschool, so I went back to the pencil crayons for this one.  It took a lot longer, but was much easier to pick up and put down, so it was worth it in the end.
I don't know why I had so much trouble settling on an image for Myth.  I think because it's such a big, loaded word - something that I feel in the pit of my stomach, and I had trouble coming up with an image that could capture that.  Anyway, in the end the obvious choice was the simplest one.  And, looking up at the stars, I think, is something that anyone can connect to.
Hm.  Not the best scan, I guess (don't mind all that funky grey around the edges - the bears, it's all about the bears!)  I tried blending the pencil crayons with water, and the paper buckled a bit.  Anyway, I think the image comes across.  This is Illustration Friday # 19 for me!  Time is flying!


Jennifer said...

I just adore this! Wonderful work! :)

Himanshu Arora said...

Nice work.
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