Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ah, I didn't get this one done.  I knew it was ambitious when I thought of it, but I had been hoping.  Anyway, here it is as a work-in-progress.  "Edge" made me think of the story of Rose Red and Snow White, which I always liked as a kid.  Although it's kind of an odd duck of a story.  I really liked how they were so comfortable in the forest they would just sleep out there, even though one night they slept too close to the edge of a cliff.  There's a little golden boy in there somewhere, which didn't make it into my picture.  But what I really loved was that they combed the bear's hair while they lounged by the fire.  Why?  I don't know.  An odd duck, indeed.  Here it is, scanned from my sketchbook:

Better luck next week!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love the opaque edge ... Kind of a nice reminder that the precipice may not be as big or as deep as we fear. But the duck? Hmmm

hedwig said...

Very touching, holding on to each other so close to the edge!