Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IF - Ocean

Hello!  Back this week with a new painting for Illustration Friday.  The word this week is Ocean.  Those nearest and dearest to me know that I have a serious love for the ocean, and pretty much anything related to it in any way.  Most of the art that I make on my own references the ocean in some way, so I wanted to do something this week that I would be willing to hang on my wall.  I even painted it on a canvas, to make that easy.
So here it is, just can't resist those old-time ladies splashing in the waves:


Cindy D. said...

So fun! I love the old-fashioned suits and swim caps! At least, I think of them as old-fashioned. They are probably still in style! ;)

hedwig said...

It feels like old time children, not ladies realy. It's lovely nostalgic. I want to join them.

Claire Wildish said...

Totally captures the idyllic fun of children at the beach. Beautiful!