Monday, January 09, 2012

What we're up to Now

Hello! We've been busy little beavers around here. Griffin's new favourite word is "Now?" As in: Can we do this now? Not yet. Now? In a minute. Now? Soon, Griffin. Now? Mommy just needs to finish this other thing that we just started a minute ago. Now?

Some of our favourite activities:


Trucks (always and forever)

Sleeping (during the day)

Not Sleeping (during the night)


In the last two weeks we have made: Chocolate cake with cream cheese and toffee icing, Spice cake shaped like a train (see pic), sun-dried tomato muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and brownie mini loaves. Guess who ate most of it (hint: me.)
Next up: Pumpkin Chai Loaf, or Mediterranean Lentil Muffins. Hmmmmm...


Anonymous said...

3rd attempt to leave a comment ... here goes (slightly abbreviated version). Yummy cake - can't wait to taste. see you soon! XOXO M/J/G

Limette said...

How do you get such crisp, cool photos indoors? Mine always turn out yellow and I can't get it bright enough without using the yucky flash.