Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little Update, and some Pictures

Hello. Not too much is new around here these days. We had a quiet weekend after driving part of the way to Halifax, before turning around because of the snow. And now the snow is all gone and it's twelve degrees outside. What a crazy winter this has been so far - nobody's quite sure what to make of it. But we'll have a nice, long puddle walk today, so we're not complaining.

Jai's out on the Bookmobile for a long day today, which means he'll be getting home right before bedtime. Griffin is currently sitting on the couch, leafing through a book about garbage trucks, and Holly has fallen asleep curled up on my lap. When she wakes up I will strap her into the Baby Bjorn, and we'll head out to the post office, then over to the library. Then back home, where I will have to figure out something for dinner.

It is getting increasingly hard to find food that Griffin will happily sit down and eat. Some days he'll try things, and some days he won't. I'm hoping this is a phase. Peanut butter sandwiches can only go so far. Last night we got him to lick the ravioli. Today I got him to eat some corn because he wanted to feed the baby in his belly.

Yesterday morning he hopped out of bed, flopped onto Jai, and announced, "Daddy, I flopped into the morning!" And that is what being 2-1/2 is all about.

Here's some more pics, from recent events:
Another train cake:

Complete with candle that had to get lit (over and over again):

And fun with pizza, too:


Anonymous said...

hi guys - missing you this weekend. yummy cake!! Kasi found a dead fish at the beach - girl loves her dead stuff! Crash, Crash, Vroom, Vroom, Griffin. much love ... grandma

Our Family said...

Wonderful, beautiful photos. :) Christie