Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Few Moments...

Hello. I actually have a moment here when both kids are napping, and figured I better get on here while I can! It may be a short moment - Holly is already stirring.

Moment over.

And that's pretty much life these days! A lot of very short moments of peace, surrounded by total chaos. And me in the middle, trying to enjoy it all. We had a lovely Christmas with family and friends. Jai cooked an amazing feast. Griffin really enjoyed the whole thing this year, and can't stop talking about Santa Claus. Holly, of course, was too little, but I think she enjoyed having the extra people around, as did I.

New Year's was a quiet event this year, but that's kind of how I like it. It was wonderful to reflect back on all the things 2011 brought us. We filled it up as well as we could! Griffin, Mom, and I made it back to the West Coast for an all-too-brief visit. Jai and I made it all the way to Mexico, just the two of us. We finally got our raised beds put in, and grew tons of yummy food. We added to the natural playground. I bought myself a new camera and photographed nine weddings. We finished two more rooms in the house. We visited PEI with Jai's parents. And then, of course, we added Holly to our family.

For 2012, I hope to get outside more often and explore a little more of this province. I plan to get back to using cloth diapers. And I look forward to enjoying time with our ever-changing family, enjoying all the little moments that make up our days. I know it's often said that second children get photographed less, but I think for us, almost the opposite is true, because this time we know firsthand just how quickly babies grow. I say almost because, really, we are already pushing the limit of how many photos one family should reasonably take!

And, is it wrong how much I am enjoying dressing up Holly? Griffin likes it, too - most days he picks out one element, at least, of her outfit. We'll enjoy it while we can!

This is what he chose for her Christmas present this year:


Sherrie said...

So, so sweet! I especially love the pink tones in the Holly pictures. She is adorable! When you're out exploring the province this year, come on down our way! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren and Jai and Griffin and Holly,
Gigi and Grapa here (via A.Janet). We love your new blog post. The new pics are adorable! Gm's computer is down but they will be sure to print the new pics off soon. The fridge is so adorned already and now that there are new ones to come, it's like a photo-book-on-a-fridge. More soon,

Love Gigi, Grapo, Gm, Gp, and Janet