Thursday, September 02, 2010

One Thing and Another (including a message from Griffin)

Hello! Wow, I can't believe it's already been a week. Wow, I can't believe it's already September! Today was the first day of school! I love this time of year. Normally, it has the best weather. Of course, we're in the middle of a crazy heat wave (40 degrees yesterday with the Humidex!) and about to be hit by a hurricane, so maybe not this year. The best is yet to come, we'll say.

v gg .,,,,,,,mmmmmmmmm
And that is what Griffin wanted to say! He can now officially reach the computer keyboard:)

Anyway, we've once again found ourselves extremely busy with one thing and another. Although if it were up to Griffin we'd be busy all the time. He's so active and inquisitive that he rarely sits still anymore, even without walking yet. He learns new words almost every day, it seems. And he has a great time trying for longer ones like "caterpillar" and "Cheerios."

And inevitably, this time of year gets my brain ruminating about Christmas, as I like to make as many presents as possible. Griffin has some Mommy-made toys from before he was born, but I haven't really made him anything since. Somehow, I really want to try and find the time to get something together. I would like to make him some nice wooden blocks. So yesterday I went hunting around for some inspiration, and came across these vintage Playskool ones, which I LOVE!

It's going to take a while, and some careful allocation of time, but, since I don't have the $100 + it would cost to buy the originals, I think I can come up with something pretty close with some of the maple I have sitting around waiting to be turned into butcher block, and my good old Yudu machine. Sounds like fun! Wish me luck - I think I'm gonna need it!

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