Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ducks and Trucks (Guk! and Guk!)

Hello Again! Well, as much as it might have seemed like it some days, our lives haven't been totally consumed by work on the playground. We did get a chance to hop over to the Lawrencetown Exhibition and check out some animals and tractors and such. Plus (for the Moms) eat some delicious home-made fudge. Griffin and I went with Ambre, Ella and Morgan, and had a great time. He's got quite a few animal noises that he likes to make now, so he had a great time trying them out on all the animals. One of his favourites was this little duck.

How much do I want a pond?!? Another favourite was the John Deere booth, where he actually got to sit on a tractor (or "GUK!!!!!" as he calls anything with wheels on it.)

He kept screaming "GUK!" in the Quilt barn, and I couldn't figure out why, until I saw him pointing frantically at this quilt. If a certain Grandmother, who is also an expert quilter, happened to be wondering what kind of quilt her Grandson would like for a present, wonder no more!

The two of them were having so much fun they didn't even nap. Our down time was spent at the Family Matters nursing and changing station, which also featured a crayon table.

While they coloured, we watched the "Kids and Pets" competition, and "Little Mr. Cowboy." This was the first year I had made it to "the Ex" as they call it around here, but it definitely won't be the last!
Then this weekend, we went to Halifax for a little visit, and on the way back we stopped in at Hennigar's Farm Market. And for the first time we actually took the time to explore the grounds a little. And we were both so glad that we did! Not only did we get some amazing produce, but we saw goats, and baby bunnies, and ducks with their ducklings.

We played on their sandbox boat, which is much larger than I expect ours will be, but was definitely neat to see. And Griffin got to try out the Tricycle track, sponsored by his favourite tractor company.

I took some more pictures, but I thought I would post them over on the Lauren Kaye Photography site, if anyone wants to see them. It was definitely worth the stop, and made the trip home seem like a walk in the park!

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Anonymous said...

Hi: Looks like you had a great day, especially with the "guks". This Grandma has taken special notes - wheels are turning and quilt ideas happening. Hope to see you soon, by the way the new playground looks amazing - can't wait to see it up close.
Love, Grandma & Grandpa