Sunday, September 12, 2010

Natural Playground, Part Four - The Community Build

Yesterday we had our Community Work Party for the Playground, to try and get as many of the finishing touches done as we could before the Grand Opening next weekend. It was a great success! There were ten kids, and eight adults.

The kids mostly entertained themselves, playing in the sandpit, and helping out.

We got our fern circle planted,

Our chainsaw log benches built,

Which inspired some amazing little teeter-totters.

We added some more log paths, and rock paths, and some stump chairs for our spool table.

We dug a trench and added another vertical log stepping path.

We added a rock spiral.

Still to go - putting in our granite slabs for stepping stones, installing the slide, and making and installing the sign. Hopefully now it is the town's turn to step up and help us out with some of that work. Next stop - the Grand Opening!


Anonymous said...

It's looking fantastic! You've all done an amazing job & we're looking forward to seeing it in reality sometime too. x

Emily said...

What beautiful place, it looks fabulous.

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Looks like you've all done a fine job - well done!

Rock-op climbing boulders said...

Very cool playground