Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello again! Wow, it's been a little while! I guess we've been busy. Busier than usual? Not sure. But we did lose the use of the computer for a couple of days in there.

It was all plasticked off and hidden behind some large pieces of furniture as our contractor Ken cut two giant holes in our wall.

We finally put in our windows! We bought the windows ages ago with some gift certificates, and then they sat in our front hall for over a year, taking up space and gathering dust. Finally, we said 'it's time!' There are, of course, a million other things that we could have used the money for (hello...water bill) BUT we're not thinking about that. Instead we are enjoying the sunshine while sitting on our living room couch.

And Griffin put two windows in, too - into his new cardboard box house. This has been a big hit, and it is so fun to watch him drag his bear in there, and then peek out through the windows and shout "Boo!"

It's awfully cute, and hard to resist. I took way too many pictures.

And instead of doing all the computer things that I really needed to do, I sat down and read through "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day," which I had borrowed from the library. It sounded do-able, so I did it! In the last five days I've made two loaves of bread, and two pizza crusts. And it is so fun and easy! Who knew!?!!?

So the upside is new windows, and home-made bread, but the downside is that now I am scrambling to catch up with all the computer work that I didn't do. It's always something! Back soon (I hope) with some updates from Fall Clean-up!


Anonymous said...

the windows look great! nice bread ... I'll have to find that book in the library down here. hugs to all of you - see you soon. xoxoxo grandma

sherrieg said...

The windows look great! We just got a deep freezer, which came with a great box, which is currently Phillip's restaurant. :) And I've been doing a slightly modified version of the bread - isn't it delicious?

Diana Livingston said...

I chanced upon your blog.

Wow, I have never really thought of how windows are 'made'. I mean, they have always been around!! Haha!

What a cute little boy you have!

I wish I know how to make bread. I think that's something that I need to put on my list of things to do. It's such a simple thing but yet a lot of people haven't experienced it!