Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Round-Up, and a New Piece (Plus Gnomes!)

Hello again! I can't believe it's been over a week since I sat down at the computer and wrote anything. Time has flown - I can't even think of why we've been so busy, although I suspect it will come to me as I sit here. Let's see...
Well, I got some boring stuff done like getting a year's worth of receipts organized, but you don't want to hear about all that, and neither do I. This is what the sky looked like the other morning:

Griffin's big accomplishment this week has been to grow two front teeth. No more big toothless grin - I will miss it - now he has four whole teeth shining out. That was a small rough patch, but since they broke through he has been back to his usual cheery self (of course, as I typed that, he started complaining!)

Griffin and Jai hung out long enough for me to get some Shop Time this past weekend. I have sketchbooks (yes, plural) full of ideas that are waiting to be made. One of them is a series of people, mostly in beach wear, with driftwood accents.

And I got the first of them made, finally! I should apologize for the quality of the photos, there was just no way I was going to be able to dig out and set up my background, and give Griffin breakfast at the same time.

While it can sit on any surface, I envision a line of them hanging on a gallery wall...

And finally, we are once again in the midst of Spring Clean-up. Hooray! This is the month when people all over Nova Scotia put twenty things they don't want any more at the end of their driveways, and people like me drive around and root through their things. It just started, and already I got a bunch of gardening tools, some great toys, and THREE awesome garden gnomes! I'll post more pictures of fabulous finds soon :)


fionakelly said...

Well done Griffin on the teeth & love the busty beach lady! Can't wait to see the other characters too.
Spring clean up sounds addictive... I can imagine myself coming home with all sorts of things I didn't realise i needed ;)

sherrieg said...

GNOMES! I have never seen any gnomes out for pick-up. I am seriously envious and can't wait to see them all. There's nothing like a well-placed gnome in the garden.

Our Family said...

Hey lady, glad you liked the little coat! My mom saw it and loved it so she suggested we pass it to you guys. I threw in the quick dry overalls because they worked well for us at the beach and it looks like you guys like the shore as much as we do. I love the photos and the updates. Talk to you again soon. Christie