Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Treasure

Hello! Well, last post was a little light on the Griffin photos, so I'll be catching up on this one!

The County Spring Clean-up is over now, so we have to wait till next week for the town Clean-Up to start. In the meantime, here is another treasure we found at the end of someone's driveway:

A giant car! Griffin's a little small for it (his feet don't touch the ground yet) but he really likes sitting in it and getting pushed around. Who wouldn't?

He's changing so fast these days. He's starting to crawl instead of dragging and rolling. He's pulling himself up on anything and everything. He's paying way more attention. The downside of all this, is that he gets bored much more easily. Gotta go!

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Our Family said...

Score! Those cars rock. That last photo is so cute!