Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Hello! This is my latest needle felting project - a little Spring gnome for our Spring wreath.

So Spring has sprung officially here. We've had some gorgeous weather, and this weekend has a high of 22 degrees! What!?!?

The quince blossoms I brought inside a couple of weeks ago are starting to blossom, and they look so pretty! The ones outside aren't too far behind, either.

And now we have a long weekend. We always have these long lists of things that we want to get done for the weekend. For instance, this weekend the list includes:
-visiting my parents in Halifax
-seeing Alice in Wonderland
-priming the bay window
-building a bunny hutch for outside
-bottling the cider Jai's been brewing in the spare bedroom
-finishing an art piece for the show I am doing next week
-cleaning the house (or at least vacuuming the living room)
-celebrating Easter
No doubt many of those things will still be on the list when next weekend rolls around, but that's never really the point. Number one priority is always Have Fun Together, and it's the only one that gets checked off every weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Have a lovely Easter! We're having a relaxing family time too... with a bit of crocheting & cooking thrown in by me ;)