Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rushing Around

Hello again! What a busy time of year this is for all of us. It seems like every which way we turn, a deadline of some sort is looming. The positive side of this is that I am a person who works better to deadlines. (Hooray for the zen of the last minute rush!) We've been all over the place, doing all sorts of things. My Mom came down for a visit on her day off yesterday so she could watch Griffin, and I could get some work done. Thanks Mom! I'm hoping it will be a semi-regular, once a month type thing. Here's some of what I've been working on:

Another jointed lady,

Another Beach Bum,

And a wall piece. There is another, bigger piece on my bench now, and a second wall piece just waiting for paint. It's all coming along, and it's nice to feel like I can get some stuff done, once in a while. It makes me even happier to be doing everything else.

Griffin has been busy working on his locomotion skills - finally realizing that crawling is more efficient that rolling and squirming. I've seen this view a whole lot this past week:

What a sweet little wiggly bum it is, too. In less than two weeks he will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!! It seems like no time, and all time, and it's a hard thing to wrap my head around. What a crazy ride this life is.
Anyway, before I get all quasi-philosophical, here is another "garbage" treasure I just salvaged.

I'm going to take the junky plywood top off, and use a gorgeous maple slab I've been saving for just the right thing, instead. Today we found a whole bunch of glass juice cups, and a round picnic table for the garden. Have I mentioned how much I love Spring Clean-Up? Jai is probably rolling his eyes right now. I love you, honey!

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