Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Hello! It's been a while! The camera was missing in action for a couple of days, but mysteriously reappeared on my keyboard this morning, after I casually mentioned to Jai (at four a.m. last night) that I couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks, Jai!

Griffin had his six month check-up last week, where he was weighed and measured. Our giant boy is tipping the scale at over 20 lbs now! Go Griffin! And the Doctor mentioned that it was time for Griffin to start eating solid food so he can get some extra iron in his system. So...
We have a video of Griffin eating for the first time! It's a little long, so I imagine only the die-hard Griffin fans out there are going to make it through right to the end, but it's all cute :)

So, eating has received mixed reviews. He loves doing it, but he's been getting belly aches, we think, because about an hour later, he gets really fussy and unhappy. I think we'll try a different kind of food, and see if that makes a difference. He just looks so proud to be doing something that Mommy and Daddy do all the time.

Also this week was the First Annual Bridgetown Craft Fair at Midnight Madness. Sarah and I thought we would share a table, just for a bit of fun. It was actually a great time, and good to see people's reactions to some of the stuff I've been up to. Here's some pics of our table.

This Saturday, we're sharing a table with another friend at the Annapolis Royal Show, if anyone in the area cares to check it out.

And we finally made it back to the Tree Lighting Ceremony. We missed the last two years because Jai had to work at the theatre both times, so it was great fun to make it back, watch the Grade 3 choir sing Christmas Carols, and exchange some old lights for some new LED lights. Jai took a video of it, too, so here it is, our Second Annual (After a Two Year Hiatus) Video of the Tree Lighting at Bridgetown Town Hall.

Hmmm, hopefully those videos actually work- I've never done that before.

We're starting to get pretty excited for Christmas around here - hopefully we'll pick up a tree on Friday. I can't wait to see Griffin taking it all in - a tree in the house! Talk about fun. And I'm going to win the lottery tonight, so all in all, we've got a pretty exciting week coming up.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention the Bridgetown Video that Jai and I were in. Here's a link to it on YouTube, if anyone wants to watch a video about why Bridgetown is great!


sherrieg said...

Ack! Griffin is so cute! And totally into eating! :) You guys are so cute in the Bridgetown video, and Monica is right after you - we know her, too. :) Thanks for sharing! :)

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Thanks Sherrie! Monica's so great - small world!

Christie, Mike and Brynn said...

Sooo cute! And so good at eating. I think Brynn went with the, it goes in through the nose method of eating.

His little system will get used to food, the whole thing is an experiment, often with really funny expressions. One thing I found helpful though was that banana makes things stop and creamed corn makes it go. lol