Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Baby Food Saga Continues

Hello! Hope you all had an excellent Christmas! We sure did! Griffin had a great time opening and playing with presents.

But his favourite part was definitely having all the extra people around. He has been LOVING having all the extra love and attention, and just general noise. I don't know what we'll do when it's just the two of us again. I guess there's always the cats!

Thanks for all the food-eating tips! I tried squash and pears and was beginning to despair. The problem was that he wouldn't even open his mouth. As soon as he saw that spoon, he clamped his lips shut down, waved his arms around, and threw his head back and forth. He wouldn't let the food get anywhere near his mouth. I went on-line and saw this thing about Baby Led Weaning, where they give babies solid food right from the beginning, and let them feed themselves (no spoons!) Of course, he loves that. He's had banana (very messy!), frozen strawberry, and toast fingers. But I really wanted to get some rice cereal in there, because of the iron. So I got sneaky. Now I give him some "real" food, some rice crackers, and his very own spoon. Whenever he lifts his spoon to his mouth to chew on it, I sneak some cereal in there, super fast, with the second spoon. At first, he would make the most horrible faces, but he's starting to get into it now. And after he's had most of his rice cereal, I've been giving him dessert (mushed pears, apricots or apples.) Last night he even reached for my spoon, and pulled it into his mouth. Hooray! Plus, now he has a beautiful high chair to use while eating, which makes him feel pretty special.

So that's our eating saga, as it stands now. Today, I'm bumping him back up to two meals a day. Oh yeah, and my theory about him sleeping longer once he started eating more food has not proved true. So much for that. Now that it seems we've got him eating again, the next great hurdle will be getting him to actually sleep. Lucky for him, he's adorable!

Anyway, I've got to run for now. We've all been pretty busy this month, and I hope to share more soon. Until then, though, Happy New Year!!!


Christie, Mike and Brynn said...

Nice work mom! Happy New Year!


sherrieg said...

That's fantastic - may you have many happy and messy meals together! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! I forgot about the two spoon strategy - we used that for a long time! How quickly one forgets... Before I forget this one, when he gets to the phase at about 10-12 months where he goes off food again, let him try feeding himself properly. That got Leo interested again! And then when that stopped working, we introduced a fork... And so on! We've just introduced a knife and now we're flat out of cutlery excitement. Will have to think of something else - chopsticks?

x rachel