Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho Ho Holidays

Hello! Happy Weekend! We're pretty excited around here, because Jai has the next two weeks off work! Pretty nice. We had a light dusting of snow, which looks very pretty on the ground, especially with the sun shining.

Jai is trying to nap with Griffin right now, but Griffin is having too much fun to sleep.

The other night he slept through the night for the first time ever. It was so amazing! I woke up and briefly (foolishly) fantasized about how great it would be if he just slept like that every night. Actually feeling rested in the morning was so nice. My theory is that it is because he actually ate a good amount of rice cereal for dinner. I haven't really been able to test this theory, though, because ever since then he has absolutely refused to eat any more cereal, and cries if you try to feed him. And subsequently has gone back to waking up every hour or two, all night long. Help! What do parents do in this situation? I tried mixing the rice cereal with apple juice, then with breastmilk, and he's not having anything to do with any of it. I am thinking tonight I will try introducing some other kind of food (squash, maybe?) but even if he eats that, I still need some way to convince him that cereal is yummy. Hmmmm... anyone have any good tricks?

Other than that, we are still working at getting ready for Christmas. Yesterday I made everyone some new Christmas stockings out of felt that I had lying around. I used the stocking my Mom made for me when I was little as the template. It's getting a little worn, and it was time for new ones for the whole family. They were so much fun to make, and came together really quickly - my favourite kind of project!

Anyway, I better run - still got LOTS of baking to do. My peanut butter balls have been sitting in the fridge for two days waiting to be coated in chocolate. Little steps, in the right direction. Tonight, we are heading out to see some friends and eat some treats. Have a great weekend - full of winter sun streaming in the windows, and quiet, potent, moments.


sherrieg said...

I don't know if it might work or not (P was and is a super eater and never really needed any coaxing, so I'm taking a stab in the dark) but have you tried any other cereals, other than rice (like barley, or a blend)? I do remember that he slept better with a full belly! Hope you have lots more restful nights to come!

Anonymous said...

They go through phases of taking food and then not. I wouldn't push the cereal. Try squash, or carrots, or banana, or apple. Those are usually acceptable! Keep offering food, but if he's not taking it, try not to make it an issue. I feel your pain on the waking every hour front though! I hope it improves soon. x x rachel

Kristin said...

I totally know how you feel. My little 6 mo. old is sleeping worse than she was a month or so ago. For a time she'd sleep 3-4 hour stretches at a time and boy do I miss that!

Anonymous said...

hey Bear, try some winter squash or carrot ... they were your favourites. I think I could interest you in rice cereal for only a couple of weeks before we had to branch out into the sleep - when Griffin is a teenager you'll be amazed at how long he will be able to sleep! Just kidding - I'm sure you'll have another good night's sleep before 2022! xoxoxo M/J/Grandma :)

The Mama said...

Try another cereal besides rice cereal. You'll find he'll have a favourite. Definately try some more fruits or veggies. Find something he likes and that should do the trick. It's all about experimentation and his likes and dislikes. I think I passed on a baby food book. Try looking at some recipies in there to see if there is something that looks like Griffin will like...... Good luck! Karissa

Christie, Mike and Brynn said...

That is the cutest hat ever! Yeah, the whole food thing is one big experiment. Brynn really liked creamed corn. It's a bit sweet and can help counteract any digestive slowdowns from rice. Other than that, just try experimenting... about 3 days in between foods (to check for allergies). Have fun and enjoy some of the funny faces that go with new foods. :)