Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Touch of Christmas Fever

Hello Again! Christmas is drawing ever closer. Almost all the shopping is done. The tree is up and decorated. The cookie recipes are out. The snow is on the ground. Whoooo boy!

We're getting pretty excited around here. We got an amazing tree at the farmer's market for $20 (8' tall and perfect! another one of the things that are cheaper in rural Nova Scotia.) Griffin's been hanging out in front of it on his cozy sheepskin. He likes to touch it, but he's very gentle.

He likes to touch everything!

We had a bit of a slowdown the last couple of days, because our boy has had a fever, and a corresponding crankiness. He's doing really well today, though. He slept until almost noon, but when he woke up he was all smiles, so I've got my fingers crossed that he's almost done with that. He handled it all very well, but it was a very cuddly couple of days. If he wasn't feeling so yucky, I wouldn't mind at all!

Sarah, Erin and I shared a booth at the Annapolis Royal Christmas show. It was good fun - hung out with some great ladies, got a little knitting done, sold some things, watched Griffin smile at everyone. And now those little gears in my head have been turning, turning, turning. Slowly, I am gathering the materials, plans, and drawings. Soon... soon.

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