Saturday, November 14, 2009

Via Paddington Station

Hello Again! I just found this little Paddington Bear at a local antique store. He's almost a match for our other Paddington, and I just had to pick him up. He even came with his own little book. Griffin is a bit too young to play with him, but he really liked touching his hat, and his little buttons.

I almost forgot to mention that Griffin celebrated his six month birthday one week ago today. The time has just been flying, but also passing in this amazing succession of moments I know I will remember forever.

Griffin has definitely been becoming more and more aware of people around him, and interacting with them in new and interesting ways. For example, we had a play date with Jonah at our house this week, instead of us going over to see Jonah. He loves going over to Jonah's house, and playing with their toys, but decided that he does NOT love Jonah coming over here and playing with his toys. He cried almost the whole time we were looking after Jonah. The only time he wasn't crying was if I was holding him and he couldn't see or hear Jonah. As soon as Jonah made a noise, he was crying again. Silly monkey! Luckily Jonah was perfectly happy the whole time, and Griffin eventually cried himself to sleep. Sharing is a lesson we will have to keep working on.

Another thing he has started doing is hamming it up for the camera. He absolutely loves having his picture taken. This might be my fault. It's just so much fun to watch him look right into the camera and give it his biggest grin. He started going a little overboard the other day. Right past grin, into grimace. Still cute, though.

I might have gone a little overboard, too, in the picture taking department. We sure had fun doing it, though!

Look at those liquid blue eyes...

We've been having gorgeous weather all week - sunny and up to 15 degrees! Sure can't complain about that. We've been trying to get outside as much as possible, walking around the neighbourhood, again and again.

We had a short visit from Mom and my Uncle and cousin this week, so of course tripped over to Hampton Beach, where we found all sorts of treasures.

And tried to get a nice shot of the three of us, with everyone looking. Was not to be, but I like this one nonetheless.

Hope your week is full of wonderful savour-worthy moments!

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