Thursday, November 05, 2009

Birthday Shout-Outs!

Happy Birthday Mom (Grandma!) We hope you're having an excellent day, and can't wait to meet your new puppy!

Also, Happy Birthday to (Auntie) Jo! Here's a rose for you both :)


Jo said...

Sweet!!! Thank-you ;-)
(Auntie) Jo

PS Happy mutual birthday, Jocelyn!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rose - such a sturdy little flower! Happy birthday, Auntie Jo! Lucky Griffin (and Jai and Lauren) to have so many Scorpios in his (their) life (lives)!! :) XO Grandma
PS - we think puppy's name is Kaslo - we'll go back to where it all started, although I suspect she'll be call Kazzee in no time.

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hooray for Birthdays!!! We love Kaslo - it's perfect. I'll probably call her Kaz, and I think Griffin will be able to say that pretty soon. He already says it sometimes!