Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Leaving Leaves (Ha ha)

Hey Everyone! I can't believe it's November 4th already! The weather forecast is actually calling for snow in Nova Scotia this Friday. What?!?!?! Snow! I mean, I knew it was coming. The leaves are going,
The fire has been lit for weeks now. I'm already craving Christmas cookies. All these things are signs, and yet... Somehow, I'm never quite ready for that first falling flake. Griffin and I have been trying to get outside as much as possible this week, just to enjoy being able to dash out the door in just a sweater and toque. Soon, it'll take us half an hour just to get out the door. Well, at least we have a new bridge!

This is the bridge that goes to the park. It's about twenty feet from the back of our property, and it was down all summer. We sure missed that bridge! But it's back. Griffin and I have rolled the stroller back and forth across it, and he approves. Here's a shot of the view off the side of the bridge, as it looks right now:

Very pretty, in that nostalgic, summer's over, kind of way.

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