Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Yudu Review is in!

Finally, I get to write about my Yudu!!!! Jai and I got this as an anniversary present to ourselves, from us and my parents (it was a little pricey) and I finally got a chance to try it out a couple of days ago. Basically what it is is a home-screenprinting device. And so much fun!!!

I started off with some drawings I did - one of my Grandpa in his RCMP uniform, and one of my Grandma in her nurse's uniform. The drawings were quite big, so I had to tape a couple of transparencies together, but I just had the photocopying done at the local Pharmasave.

Next, I had to apply the emulsion, and expose the screen. The emulsion comes in sheets, and I had read a few reviews that other people wrote, talking about how it took forever to dry if you overdid it with the water, so I tried to keep it just damp. The emulsion didn't stick at all, and I had to peel it off and rewet it, which then made it way too wet. It took forever to dry! As you can see from the photos, it was daylight when I began, and night time before I could use the screen. I actually went out and bought a hairdryer to speed things along. (Side note - Anita, we now own a hairdryer, so you won't have to buy another one next time you come to visit!)

FINALLY, I was ready to print, so we loaded the screen with ink and set to it. It worked so well, we had to do a happy dance, all around the room, which Griffin thought was hilarious. So I printed a bunch of them up, and then set to making them into dolls.

The whole thing began because I thought it would be nice for Griffin to have some more masculine dolls (since dolls are something I can make.) I had this great shot of my Grandpa in his RCMP uniform, and thought 'who wouldn't want an RCMP action figure doll?' Ok, maybe not a lot of people, but maybe some people would! Then I found the photo of my Grandma, and knew they had to be a set, just like in life.


The whole thing worked as well as I could possibly expect, especially for my first try. Up next: tugboats galore!


Jo said...

That looks like wicked fun. And tugboats! B and I are still talking about the Grandpa/Mountie doll. So cool.

And thanks for the special auntie & uncle time with G today ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Lauren, are you selling those RCMP dolls? I have a friend with an almost 2 year old, and he's an RCMP officer...would probably be interested! They're gorgeous by the way.

Drop me an email if so and I'll put him in touch!

x rachel

amy rubin flett said...

these are great! you must be having so much fun with it. and the tugboats are wonderful too!

hope to see you sometime soon...