Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Days

Hello! We've got ANOTHER snow day here. It is pretty cold. Yesterday I looked out the window and saw the bird pie down on the ground with a little birdie flapping like crazy. I ran out and grabbed Jai, who was just coming in the door, and we went out to see what was the matter. The poor little bird had his tongue frozen to the cord. We got warm water and a pair of scissors and freed him, but I figure it's got to be pretty cold out for that to happen.
Jai and I both tried to start a fire in the shop yesterday, but it just didn't want to light, so I stayed in the house all day. The cats and I spent some time looking out the windows.

Then I spent the afternoon painting. Last time we were in Halifax, I splurged and bought some acrylic paint tubes. It's the first time I have painted in probably five years. It was perfect. Here's some shots of my results.

It was a definite treat. Today we are trying to warm up the shop again, as there is lots of work both of us need to get started on. Until then, however, I am sitting here and Jai is hauling load after load of firewood in. We figured out that the wood burns better if it's not frozen solid (geniuses, I know), so we are building a wood pile inside beside the wood stove.

Jai whipped up a batch of his *famous* ginger-beef and chow mein last night, along with a test batch of wonton crisps. YUM! I guess I better go heat up the leftovers for lunch. Stay warm! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Took me a nanosecond to realize that the scissors were for the rope and not the wee bird's tongue. I've never heard of a bird's tongue sticking like that - poor little thing. Good rescue you guys! I love the paintings, Lauren - very nice! Enjoy the warm, dry wood and hope it warms up soon (but not too fast - flooding would be bad!). XOXO Mom/Joc