Monday, February 18, 2008

Rain and Roses

Hello! The shop is warming up as I type, and Jane is warming me up by snuggling on my lap. Jai and I just had some grilled cheese sandwiches before he left to go back to work - the perfect lunch for a grey, wet day. It's the darkest the house has been in the middle of the day for as long as I can remember.

We've been out and about a little this week. We visited with Sarah and Dereck on Valentine's day. Those are the roses Jai got me at the top of the page. They look so pretty I took a million pictures.

Jo and I took a trip to Halifax on Friday to hang out and so I could pick up a few things I need for various pieces. We went through the entire walnut lumber pile at East Coast Specialty Hardwoods trying to find a piece with a natural edge. I have to say it kind of pisses me off that they are cut off and thrown away. Anyway, we managed to find one really nice piece with a little bit of bark still on it, so I consider it a successful mission. Plus it's always so much fun to go there and just look around.
Saturday was an eventful day, as it started with the annual library book sale, where I picked out a whole carton of new-to-me books. I got some definite finds like: A Son of the Circus by John Irving, the Randomhouse Quotationary, Keeping a Nature Journal (the librarian couldn't believe that was in the sale as the library just purchased another copy for $40, and I paid $2), and so much more...yup, I had fun.

Saturday night Jo and I went to the King's Theatre (where Jai works) for their Valentine's Event. It was a silent art auction, with pastries, and a movie. They showed Lars and the Real Girl, which I would highly recommend if you like quirky movies. This was the view coming into Annapolis Royal:

I just went out to check on the shop, and it's getting nice and toasty, so I better get moving. Here's one last rose shot to send you on your way :)


sherrieg said...

Hi Lauren! The quail sounds delightful! What would you fancy in return? Petra told me that they met you guys - aren't they sweet? Anyhoo, I'm making a few more batches of soap this week, so name what you'd like and I'll send it along. You can e-mail me at grahamsherrie at yahoo dot ca to work out the details. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

Your roses are beautiful!! Lauren, I didn't know how 'else' to reach you. I have sent you 3 emails (2 with pics for Abbey's urn, 1 with another order..)tonight at but the last one came back. The message said your mail box was full.. Is there another address I can use to send the email/order to you?

All is well here. I'm looking forward to going to Victoria in 2 days... yeah, yummy...

A. Janet

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hi Aunty Janet,
Yup, my mailbox seems to always be merging on full lately! Anyway, I got the first two e-mails, and you should be ok to send the third one again now. The pictures you sent are good, I think I will be able to work with them - I'll let you know when I get to the drawing. Talk to you soon - enjoy Victoria!