Friday, February 08, 2008

Hello. We've had a busy work week this week. But we got a couple of big orders out of the way, so it was good to get something accomplished. Tonight Jai is working at the theatre, and I am having a couple of girlfriends over for tea and some knitting. I'm just sitting here listening to Iron and Wine and completely enjoying myself.

We finally got our new load of firewood, but it's pretty wet. If only we'd known we would be going through so much! By all accounts, it's been an extra cold winter that started early, so I think we're not the only ones. But next year, we'll definitely be buying more firewood! February is not really a good time.

Anyway, I'm still taking lots of bird pictures through the windows. Yesterday Jai came running in telling me to grab my camera and come see. Just outside the shop window, a hawk was sitting in our tree. I didn't get "the perfect" shot, but it was pretty exciting all the same!

He's been scaring all the little birds away, but I did sneak in a couple of shots of a cute little chickadee. Now I just need the time to get some marquetry pictures made!

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Anonymous said...

hi guys! hope it warms up soon! great pictures ... even the hawk looks cold. We've had a bit of everything today but mostly wind. Talk to you soon! XO Me (Hudson says hi)(everyone else too)