Saturday, February 02, 2008

Little Gatherings

Hello! It's another one of those stormy, yucky days outside. Not that we aren't enjoying the winter, because for the most part we are. I really like how it doesn't seem like much is going on, but in reality, people are getting together all over the place. Lots of little gatherings. It's fun to have a whole season dedicated to being cozy inside. As long as you don't have to go outside!

We have spent most of the week just working away at things. I got a couple of custom jobs finished up, and now we're working on the next ones.

Every day we make a little bit of progress.

We had a warmish day last week so I took the camera out for a short walk, until my fingers got too cold. The snow this week was really weird. It was like sand almost, and impossible to shovel. Then we got freezing rain, and everything turned to ice. There was a very slippery couple of days. You could walk on the snow-covered spots as long as you didn't step too hard, or stand still for too long, because if you did you would break through into a foot of snow. It was fun in an adventure sort of way.

And I have been taking lots of bird pictures still. It's so much fun! Our friends Jo and Brandon have lots of cardinals that hang out at their feeder, so hopefully I can visit them and get some cardinal shots before the end of winter (which is still a long way off!)

So that's all our news for now. Hope you are all keeping warm and well!


Anonymous said...

hi guys - we love the pictures and the words - keep them coming!!Errol remembers the snow that you describe - too much fun! Take care! XOXO us

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Thanks for the note, guys! The snow is almost all gone, now, but I suspect there's more to come! Talk to you soon ~Love Lauren