Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Here Lies an Update

Hello! Mom and Errol are here now, we picked them up on Monday. Our shiny new car definitely made the trip to Halifax much faster, smoother, and slightly less interesting (the new car is so smooth and quiet compared to the truck that it feels relatively boring!) It makes a big difference, though if we can get to Halifax on a quarter of a tank of gas.

Yesterday Jai had to work at the theatre, so we did a little tour of the area around Annapolis Royal. First we went to the Stony Beach cemetary. To get there, you travel down this narrow, bumpy dirt road that looks like someone's driveway. At the end of the road, though, this is what you see.

Some of the tombstones date back to the 1700s.
Then we went to the Habitation at Port Royal. It's a wooden fort that was recreated in the 1930s. It's very well done, and super scenic, right on the bay.

Our garden is doing really well - we've had some really hot days in a row, and the garden has been loving it! Everyone else spent all day today weeding and staking tomatoes in the garden while I got some work done in the shop. It's getting pretty exciting as the tomatoes grow giant green fruits (a couple of them fell over, cage and all, they were so overloaded!) The lettuce all bolted, so we had to throw a lot of it into the compost, because it got pretty bitter. The romaine is still good though - we had our first caesar salad with it last night, and it was delicious! And check out my watermelon!

The pumpkin plants are doing really well, too. They only bloom in the morning, and the blooms only last for a couple of hours, but they are so pretty! I love this orange colour! It's so cheerful.

And we discovered yet another excellent reason for living in the town of Bridgetown. Yesterday was sunny and hot all day - so hot it was hard to do anything but sit around eating ice cream. Last night we thought we would take the ten minute trip to the Bay of Fundy to wade in the water and watch the sun go down, but as soon as we got over the crest of the mountain, it was grey and gloomy. So there you go - sometimes it isn't better to live right on the water. It must have been at least a 20 degree temperature drop! It was still really pretty though, and it made it actually pleasant to come back to a very warm house.

In other news, we had another contractor friend come in today to look at the wall we are taking down, and he confirmed that it is not a supporting wall, so we can feel free to remove it completely now. Jai was talking about doing it tomorrow while I'm at work, but I think that plan may have been discarded in the wake of an offer of a day at the cabin. I can't say I blame him!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren and Jai and Joc and Errol!

I am back from my island vacation and am just now checking into the blog to get caught up! So much has happened! Joc and Errol, it's great seeing you guys in the pics....right at home... The garden looks fantastic Lauren, and everything in it will go like a treat with Kraft dinner and Ichiban! We all remember these days of being young and poor. And full of hope and dreams to make into real life. The wall down in-between the library and dining room will make a huge space! Is there also a library upstairs? For some reason I thought you did a library reno already?

It is rather stinking hot here in Calgary. It is 29.5 in my house at 8pm and 29 outside my house at 8pm. Nasty! We are making a trip over to Connor's to bring a few bigger pieces of furniture over here to store in the garage for now....Yes, all 3 guys are going to be here for a month? more? Connor and Michael are moving 'out' together, had a place lined up and were gazzumped by another party--the townhouse was leased to 2 parties and Connor/Michael got the short end. So, until they secure another place (rental vacancies at 0.4% ) we may be buddies for a while longer? Mommies are so good at standing at the front door as it revolves around, in and out, through and through :)

Lauren, I'm enjoying seeing your new goodies/toys/tools...all that magic waiting to realize your creative imagination. So, Jai?...what's happening at the theatre over the summer months? Is it a quiet time? or hopping time? Lauren, the photos of the cemetery and heritage building are very good. Lovely.

My holiday was great. I really enjoyed seeing the islands I haven't seen. The best was Quadra. They have amazing rocks there. Joc, you definitely have to go to Quadra, but with we have to put this on our list. The rocks are like non other I have seen along my island beach collecting sojourns...they are so cool. It's a good thing I had my truck with me, I bet I brought home 50lbs of rocks. So, now it's back to the thesis...proposal and colloquium happens in Sept. The guys are going to help me stain the fence in Aug. and I HAVE to tackle the "teacher room" Yikes!

I just realized that I have gone on...and on....and on... Oh dear. Take care you 4. Enjoy your days together.

Love Janet, Connor, Brett, Michael and red-head Abbey.

Anonymous said...

hi Jan! glad to hear you're home safe and sound! Abby looks great as a redhead although, you're right, she sure does look like a different Abby! We're in Dartmouth now - heading back to Bridgetown next weekend. Weather is calling for thunder and lightening in Halifax but not in Dartmouth - means we'll be heading to Halifax this afternoon! Take care all! XO Joc

sherrieg said...

I just came across your blog through Etsy while looking for people here in Nova Scotia - I'm impressed that you've coaxed a watermelon to grow here! That's one thing we don't have in our garden. :) Happy renovating!