Sunday, August 05, 2007

Renovations and Visitations

Hello! It's been a very busy time since last I wrote. The bathroom renovation has begun in earnest, thanks to some amazing help from family in the financial area of the renovation. Right now there is still a tub and shower, but no sink, no toilet, and only half a floor. This is a shot from the first day of work, the camera batteries died before I could get one of how it looks now.

We have ordered an amazing clawfoot tub, and some really nice flooring, so all the pieces are coming together. By the end of the week, it should look like it will one day become a bathroom again. When we pulled up the floor, Jai discovered that the toilet had been leaking. For decades. All the wood underneath it was black and rotten, and the smell was none too pleasant. This bathroom renovation will make a big difference in the quality of our lives.

We had a great visit with Brad (Jai's brother), Karissa (his wife), and Rowyn (their daughter.) Rowyn turned one in our house! We had a fun couple of days touring around, although the visit was way too short!

And Emma the cat was very patient with little Rowyn, so as a reward, we got her a little friend today. She's not very happy with us at the moment. Oops, I'm sure they'll get along great soon. Here is Jane, in a completely unflattering picture, hiding under the sideboard.

We had the first potatoes out of the garden in our dinner last week. Yummy! And just yesterday, we found six ripe blackberries on the bush. They didn't all make it into the shot.

Mom and Errol come back tomorrow. Yay!

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Christie & Mike said...

Hey guys, glad to hear the renos are going well. IT looks like I will be in that side of the country in October, so maybe I can swing by for a day visit if you are around.
Hugs! Christie