Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Money comes in (sometimes), Money goes out

It's turned out to be an eventful couple of days here, by our standards, at least!

Let's see...looking back....

We've been tearing down the wall between the dining room and the unfinished library.

Jai's got the whole thing down to the studs now. We just need to start building the bracing that we will be putting in the header. We had the stove guy come in and give us an estimate on installing the woodstove in the new space, breaking into the old coal chimney and putting in a flexible liner. It's still a little pricey for my taste, but much cheaper than installing a whole new chimney, and still much cheaper than a year's supply of oil. We will still need to use the oil furnace a little, but definitely a lot less, and we will actually have one warm room, or maybe even two!
And speaking of spending money...

I got a great new drill press for a very good price. It's sitting all shiney in our tiny little shop - so pretty! I also picked up a good mitre saw and a really good router. Just about everything I need now, but way past everything our little space can handle!
And more money...

This is a car that we are looking at buying. It's a 1999 Chrysler Intrepid. We have been talking about getting a zippy little gas-saving car (which this isn't exactly, but it's close!) and since Mom and Errol (who arrive Monday) would have been renting a car while they are here, they are contributing the money they would have spent on the rental towards the cost of a new to us car. Right now in the truck, it costs us close to $100 every time we need to go to Halifax (which, due to the us-being-broke-factor, doesn't happen very often!) This new car would be closer to $30, and would probably shave 20-30 minutes off the trip. The truck is great for what it does, but not a good commuter car at all. Now that Jai and I both have jobs outside of town, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
So we'll be eating Kraft dinner and Ichiban noodles for the next five years or so, but luckily for us, my lettuce and tomatoes are doing very well in the garden, so we'll still get some veggies!


The Mama said...

You guys are too funny. I love reading your updates and seeing the pics of the house and shop and most of all your flowers and gardens! I'm very jealous of your lettuce and tomatoes! Everything here is a nice shade of wilted brown. Water bans on etc as we haven't had a good rain in months (yes - months). Can't wait to get out there! We'll give you a call tomorrow night to chat about our festivities.

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Karissa! Thanks for the post, it's great to hear from you. We have been enjoying your blog, too! It's hard to believe Rowyn will be turning one in a matter of days, we are going to have to have a big party! Talk to you soon ~Lauren