Thursday, July 05, 2007

On to Plan "D!"

Hello! We had a windy stormy day here in Bridgetown today. No thunder and lightening, but we did have the power go out for a while. It's the first time since we moved here that the power has been out for more than a few seconds - even during some of those snowstorms and a spectacular thunder and lightening storm a week or so ago.
All in all it was a good day for me to stay inside and sand. I finished up four books I have been working on for the last couple of days. Here's a sample.

Jai is sick with a cold right now, so it was a perfect day for him to snooze in bed. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that!
We had a little visitor this week:

Our shop renovation has been put on permanent hiatus, pending the day when we have more money to spend. Our contractor friend called us on Monday morning to say that we didn't have enough money to do the job properly, and he was going to have to bow out. So that was a little disappointing, but we have come up with a new plan - Plan "D!" It involves building a lumber and firewood storage shelter on the side of the driveway, turning our unused living room into an office/finishing room, and purchasing a large quantity of lumber, as well as leaving us enough money to install a woodstove in the house. I'll keep you posted on all that, we are hoping to get started soon.

Canada Day was amazing here - we had some people over for a BBQ, and sat in the backyard to watch the fireworks. We didn't have the camera with us when the fireworks started, or I would have attempted to capture some of them, they were absolutely amazing! The local volunteer fire department runs them, and I don't know what kind of budget they are given, but whatever it is, they really do a good job! Jai and I both agreed they were some of the best fireworks we'd ever seen, anywhere.
Here's some random party shots:

And, of course, I couldn't let you go without some pics of our fabulous garden!

Also, congrats to Pete for graduating, and to Rowyn for taking her first steps!

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Anonymous said...

hi!We're still not sure what sort of wee critter you have but it sure is cute ... may not be so cute if it is a gopher and it digs holes in the garden,huh? Love plan D - congrats on moving it all forward! XOXO us