Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hello! Things are going well. Jai has been working a lot this week, so I have been left to my own devices. I've been spending most of the time in the shop, although it doesn't usually warm up in there until the afternoon. I played around a little bit and finished some small boxes I started before we moved:

And I got the kitchen doors all put together:

I think they'll look really great, I'm hoping to hang them tomorrow.
Our most exciting news is that we met with our friend Phil from Catfish Moon pottery, who also works as a contractor. He brought over pictures of a bunch of his buildings and renos, and sat down with us to hash out what it would mean to build a gallery/studio space on the back of our property. I have been taking an entrepreneurial class here in town and met with a woman named Elizabeth Rice who runs Annapolis Ventures. They are a company here who provides loans to people wanting to start up businesses, and seem much more reasonable than a bank. We have to figure out first what we would need to borrow, and if we can manage that amount, and then work with Elizabeth to create a business plan. Hopefully from there we can find someone willing to finance us! It's all very exciting. And Phil has been really amazing. He and his wife Angela have been running their pottery business for thirty years, and he is helping us a lot with learning about doing the financing and meeting the right people, and learning all the ropes. It's amazing how generous people are around here.
That's all our news for now, I'll post more soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Love the boxes. Nice to see that you are getting some time in the shop and away from the reno's although the kitchen looks wonderful.
Happy Easter - will call you this weekend.
Love Mom & Dad (Stan & Anita )

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! Thanks for the note. It has been nice to work on some other things. We've taken the last two days off, so soon it will be back to work for the last little push (hopefully!) Hope you guys are having a great Easter so far! Talk to you soon ~Lauren

Anonymous said...

Hi Jai and Lauren,

Barb Landell here-your old Yo customer! Just was taking a look at your blog. It is very exciting to hear about your life, your plans, and this adventure. You sound happy. I like your cupboard doors. Miss you at Yo-but so glad for you to be onto this great adventure.

Bye for now, Barb