Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone! The Easter bunny stopped at our house, and left a big pile of candy. Peanut was very interested, as you can see.

We had a very nice Easter. Jai made a roast chicken and garlic mashed potatoes, and we took two days off from working on the house and just bummed around.
We finally made it up to Kentville to see Sarah and the new baby, Chloe. Jai and Derek went to see Grindhouse and I hung out at the hospital with Sarah and her family. It was good, but I would like to make it up there again, when we could have a better chance to visit. It looks like they will be there until at least the end of the week, so we'll see. Here's a pic of baby Chloe:

She's very sweet.
Other than that, we have been working on the kitchen some more. I got the shelves made and the first coat of stain on them. We are staining them to match the stain on the island - sort of an "antique pine" look. They're looking good so far, but I am impatient to get them on the wall. I thought I was going to have to special order a drill bit to attach the doors I made to our cabinets, but it turns out I have one that will work, so that was a big relief. Hopefully I can get the doors hung while Jai is at work tomorrow, and then when he gets home we can maybe hang the shelves. Every day we get a little bit closer.

We tried to get Emma to write you guys a note, but she just held the pencil and purred. I guess that would look like this: PrrrrRRrrrrrrRRRrrrrrrrrRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope life is finding you as content as a cat with a pencil.


Anonymous said...

hi there! The expression on Emma's face is very neat - what a beauty. Wee Chloe looks very delicate but she also looks like she's thriving in this world. Please keep us posted on her progress! Did you get the kitchen cupboard doors hung? I bet it looks great! XOXO Mom/Joc

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! Yes, they're hanging now. They look great! We just have to decide if we're going to paint them or stain them now. The shelves look really good with the stain on them, so we'll see. Talk to you soon! Love Lauren