Monday, April 02, 2007

hello and good night

Hello Everyone! We've been making slow but steady progress on the kitchen. The island is in place, and the drop lights are hung:

It's looking good. I've started the kitchen doors and Jai has been working on wiring the island. It's going to be so great, it's already so much better!
In other news, our friends Sarah and Derek had their baby yesterday. Her name is Chloe, but we haven't met her yet, as she is very small and will have to stay in the hospital for a while. The nearest hospital with a natal unit is in Kingston, a 45 minute drive, but we hope to head up there and see her soon.
We've been getting some work done in the shop over the last couple of days. My workbench is finally done! yay!

And Jai has begun his new job. So far he is really enjoying it, as it is very social. He's learning all the town gossip. I'm really glad it seems to be going well. And I guess that's it for now. Good night!

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