Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kitchen Update

Hello Again! I thought it was probably about time I updated you on the status of our kitchen project. Today it finally is starting to look like we've made some progress. We've been spending so much time doing prep stuff, I was starting to get impatient. Today we finally got primer on all the walls and trim. Yay! Jai got all the electrical stuff in and I t.s.p.'d all the walls and caulked all the seams in the room. We finished all the mudding and sanding on the chimney surround and added new baseboard all around it. We also had to take off all the wainscotting under the window because it was in really rough shape, but we replaced it all with new stuff and it looks great. Here's some shots:

We've got all the pieces for the cabinet put together, although I have a few more modifications to make on the sink cabinet just to make it a little more sturdy. The cabinets we bought are kind of crappy (but they were cheap, so I guess I should have expected that!) We found a piece of furniture we are going to modify and turn into our kitchen island:

We got all the parts now for our awesome sink, thanks to Jai's Mom.

Yay! So the pieces are definitely coming together. Tomorrow we'll actually get to put some colour on the walls, and that should be really fun.

What else is new? Jai got the job he applied for as a Driver for Trans County Transportation. He's just in the process of getting all the official forms filled out and getting his Class 4 Driver's License, and then he will be working for them part-time. So that will be really good. I signed up for a free business course run through the Women's Centre here in Bridgetown. Hopefully I'll learn all sorts of wonderful things!

Here's a shot from our bedroom window four or five nights ago:

After this, we had a couple of really warm days, and all the snow disappeared. Today was really cold again, though, and tonight as I'm writing, it is blowing and snowing like crazy. It's a good night to be at home, curled up in bed!

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