Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kitchen Smashing

Hello! We've been busy smashing up the kitchen over the last couple of days. First we took the ceiling down:

Then we pulled up the floor, and actually found hardwood floors under all the layers of cracked linoleum! Along with a few holes they decided to patch with plugs of tin foil:

So that was a very pleasant surprise. We are just going to be painting it, although it has a wax coating on it, so we'll have to strip that off first.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, and we went to the auction, but we didn't see anything that we really wanted, so we went to the beach. It was awesome, but really wierd at the same time. If you faced towards the water, it could have been a perfect summer day, but if you turned around there was snow everywhere!

Then last night we had a stick curling tournament. It was pretty fun, and completely different from normal curling. Everyone is in teams of two with one person at each end. You have to stay at your own end and you aren't allowed to cross centre line. You aren't allowed to sweep until it passes the hog line on your end. Each person takes turns throwing six rocks to make an end. We won the first game, and lost the next two, so we won't be famous stick curlers any time soon, BUT Jai was the only guy to score a double takeout, which meant he got two free drinks, and lots of notoriety, so he was very happy.
Today we smashed out all the old cupboards:

Whew! And that was the easy part. Gotta go for now, Sarah and Derek have invited us over for dinner at their house tonight, because they came by earlier today when we were in demolition mode. Hooray for friends!


Anonymous said...

hi guys - looks like you've made a great start on the kitchen. How was curling? talk to you soon XOXOXO me, Errol, Morgan, Yoda, Hudson and Cappy (he's here for his spa retreat!)

Connor F said...

Hi Lauren & Jai!

I've had your blog on my link bar now for a couple of weeks! I love hearing about what's up.

That is a good score with your kitchen hardwood. Hopefully the wax stripping doesn't give you much a headache :)

Here's my site for Braithwaite Wallets:

The site is currently in "Phase I" (purely informational) and "Phase II" will be underway shortly (all of the automated submission and profile pages for designers). Maybe if either of you are feeling inspired in the near future you could send in a submission... :)

Best wishes and looking forward to the next post,


jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Guys, thanks for the posts! We won our curling game on Monday night after jsut six ends! I don't think the other guys were very happy!
Connor, it's so cool to know you're out there, reading our blog! I love the deisn of your web-site so far, I hope you're planning on incorporating some of those graphics into a wallet! I'll be thinking about it, and see if somethings percolates up in my brain. Keep us updated on the rest of your life, too! My e-mail is:
Gotta go for now, we're getting up early tomorrow to continue work on the kitchen! Talk to you soon Love Lauren

Anonymous said...

hi guys - I'm showing Aunty Gen how to add comments to your blog ... have a good night (hope you're already asleep):)