Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello! We don't have a lot of news, Jai has had a cold for the last couple of days, and has been spending all day in bed. At least, it was probably a cold, and not some weird bubonic plague sickness from 1880 when they sealed the walls that we just tore down. This is what our pantry looks like as I write:

It's not so pretty.
We had our first dinner party tonight - not at our house, of course! Our neighbour Pearl invited us over to have dinner with her and Steve and Aida, another couple from town. It was really great - delicious food and super nice company. We baked cookies today so we would have something to bring over. They turned out pretty good (almost, but not quite, as good as Grandma's!) I even took a picture of them before they were eaten:

Now those are pretty.
Jai's feeling better now, so we're hoping to have a productive day tomorrow. No promises, though, because we finally get our truck back! Yay! We have no idea what it's going to cost, because they never called us to let us know, even though they said they would. When I called on Friday to ask what was going on, they said "it's almost done, we just have to get it up on the hoist and rotate the tires." I was afraid to ask, because it turns out it did need a whole new heater coil. Jai doesn't think it will be that expensive, so we'll see. The owner seems really nice, and he's in our curling league, so I don't feel like he is going to rip us off or anything. Plus it's a pretty small town, and that kind of thing tends to get around.
Tomorrow should be a big night, as first we have a town hall meeting, where the mayor is officially stepping down, and then we have a curling game. People around here are already joking about Jai running for mayor. It can't happen in this election, but we figure it's a good sign for his BIG FUTURE PLANS (mwa ha ha.) Just kidding, turns out we're not even allowed to vote in this election, since we've lived here for less than six months. Oh well, it will come around again, and THEN......


Anonymous said...

yummmy cookies! send some to the FAR West home - please! Glad to hear Jai is feeling a bit better - how was curling? Jai, maybe they'll change the rules to let you run for mayor this year - that would be too much fun! Take care all. XOXOXO Mom/Joc

Christie & Mike said...

Hi guys!

Thanks for the Christmas card. That was a really nice surprise. I managed to have a chance when I was on the Island last weekend to show Opa your website and he was really impressed with the photos, etc. He usually goes over to my mom's for dinner on Sundays, so I think she is going to try and show him the site once in a while. Unfortunately she only has dial-up so it may be a once a month thing, but he was definitely excited to see that things were going well for you both.

Have fun with the holidays (and for goodness sake wear a dust mask!)



Anonymous said...

Hheelllllooooo! Here I am again! I am just now tip toe-ing my way into life again from the focused depths of report cards, interviews, and research papers...but alas. So, you have to know that all the hours spent writing this past 2 weeks has been enlightened and brightened by visiting the blog. You provided all good things for a worn soul. Thanks:)

Your cookies are masterpieces! They are too noble to eat! I love the white on white, with silver accents-very posh. Jai for mayor!! Just you wait...Bridgetown! I have to say, you guys have totally immersed yourselves in your new life and your new community. Very inspiring. The big city of a million is an easy place to become detached if one really meant to. The work in the pantry is proceeding...dustily. Do you wonder what might be lurking in those walls full of stories? Don't you wish they could talk? (they probably are) HMMM...a story idea!?

Everything if fine here. Guys are all busy. Connor's designing wallets and doing Universal Slate. Brett is arriving on Friday and is doing a big whack of painting, wall paper stripping (sorry about that nightmare vision as those words roll off your mind), and he's also changing all the door handles for me (from knobs to handles). Michael is in the middle of an animation project. It is so cool. If he can, I'll have hime send it to you over the holiday. It's awesome. Abbey the princess is fine too.

Take care. Lauren thanks for the Xmas card. Yours arrived the day after your mom's. My first 2 of the season and they came from opposite ends of the country to settle side by side on my mantle. That's how close you are to your mom in my house. :)

Much love, A. Janet

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

It's so great to hear from you guys, I'm glad our little cards made it ok. I really love getting updates. Bridgetown has been such a welcoming little town, it has been very easy to want to become a part of it. I love thinking of our house as having 130 years worth of stories, and I love the idea that our story will become a part of it. Wow, you guys made my night with your posts - thanks! Love Lauren