Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Hello again! This moment is all about getting ready for Christmas, and Griffin starting to say "hi" to everyone, and long ramble-y walks about town, and hot chocolate, and reading book after book out loud, and then again.

We have lots of presents for Griffin - little things that we've been picking up since the summer, and storing away. And we have no presents for each other, or anyone else, really. It's so much funner to buy and make toys!

We cut our own tree this year, which I had never done before. It's so much fun, and I just love our little Charlie Brown tree - more room for ornaments. All the glass ornaments have stayed tucked away for another year, but everything else is out. Griffin's favourites are all nice and low. He likes to go up to the Santas and say, "Santa. oh oh oh."

And he likes to dip his fingers in the tree water, and then suck on them. Yeah, that's kind of gross. That's what he's doing right now as I type. He's discovered the joys of crawling around to the back of the Christmas tree, and peeking out through the branches - covered in smiles, knowing we can't reach him there. He's got a little collection of ornaments piled right at the back. Mostly we let him. These are the real joys of Christmas.

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