Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Ah, Merry Christmas! Hope you all had wonderful holidays!
We had an eventful one here, it seemed like. Griffin had a cold, so he spent much of the holidays being not quite himself. We took him in to get checked out on Christmas day, though, and he was pronounced generally healthy, with a good set of lungs (Doctors and Nurses have not been on his list of favourite people since he had to get bloodwork done, and it took four nurses to hold him down, and a miss on the first side resulted in not one, but two, needles. He was perfectly happy in the waiting room, but took one look at that room with that bed in it, and hightailed it in the other direction!)

He did rally himself quite well on Christmas morning, though, once he realized what was going on. He tested out each and every one of his new toys, and didn't notice in the slightest that some of them were only new to him. I think we've read through all the new books, and watched most of the new Bob the Builder shows. All those dinky toys were a big hit,

But the biggest pleasure has come from using his new kitchen to bake up toast and pizza. He's a busy, busy boy these days.

And I found myself enjoying the company more than ever this year. Yes, I got some excellent presents of my own, which I have already begun to enjoy, but the biggest treat of all was getting to take a couple of days and do nothing but enjoy myself visiting and reading and relaxing and snuggling, without any nagging "shoulds". Lovely!

This last few days before the year ends are hopefully going to be spent in quiet pursuits, taking a brief respite with each other before the crazy whirlwind starts up again. I wish you and yours some of the same!


Anonymous said...

thanks for a great time, great company and excellent food ... Griffin we're glad you're on the mend! I'm going to tackle the world of electronics this morning - I'll try to reach a moment of zen vs. frustration! All the Best for 2011 to all! XOXO M/J/G and gang.

Anonymous said...

The kitchen and barn are AMAZING! Did you guys make them? So beautiful! I have to say, Leo's and Rosa's favourite toys this year were all lovely wooden things, alas not handmade by friends but still beautiful. There's a definite market for them! Oh - and happy holidays! x Rachel