Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Word of the Day: Soggy

Hello! We're in the middle of a torrential downpour! It's Crazy Rain. And it's HOT, and Humid. Yuck! These are the days we need to try and remember when it's the middle of Winter, and we can't WAIT for Summer to arrive. So, anyway... what to do, what to do. Luckily the Little One is napping merrily right now after our stroll through the rain (had to dig out my raincoat AND galoshes for that one.) Since we can't go out and enjoy the World's Smallest Sandbox, I decided to build one inside. So, I'm proud to introduce: The World's Second Smallest Sandbox! Well, Noodlebox, to be more precise.

We got this idea at one of the parents and tots groups we went to in the Spring (sadly, they all finish for the summer.) It's super fun, and a lot easier to clean up than sand. Griffin's been having a great time climbing into it, and pouring noodles over his feet. And, yes, he ate a couple, but whatever, he eats the sand, too.
Yesterday we went over to the Reid's and took some photos of baby Morgan, six days old. It was my first newborn shoot, and it went pretty well. She slept through most of it, and only pooped on one of my backdrops. Not bad! She's so adorable, and I got some pictures that I am very happy with.

Plus, I got to try out my new prop - check it out!

I saw it at "Treasures," our local consignment shop, for only $20. And I love it! I had gone to find a basket to put babies in, but came away with this instead.

While we were there, Griffin and I perused the toy section, where I found the cutest little soft duckling. Griffin liked it, too, and played with it (and sucked on it) all through the store, while I browsed. Turns out it was a $45.00 collector's item. I thought it said $4.50! We sheepishly turned it down at the checkout, but didn't quite get away with it, as the poor thing was awfully soggy! (Oops.) Luckily the man was very nice, although I'm sure he'll be keeping a closer eye on us next time!
Well, gotta run - enjoy your day (and stay dry!)

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