Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hello! Gosh, I have some pretty weeds! I have to try and enjoy them, because they are definitely the healthiest plants in my garden. (As in, I didn't have to bend over at all to take this shot!)
We've been Busy, Buzzy Bees around here this week. Griffin's friend Ella got a new baby sister (hopefully pictures coming sometime soon - she's a total cutie!) I got a haircut. Griffin picked up several new words (including useful ones like "cracker" which we've been hearing a lot.)
And we did a photo shoot with my friend Erin and her two beautiful daughters. It went really well, and was a lovely way to spend the day. You can see a couple of the pictures on the Lauren Kaye site, if you're interested. They have an amazing yard for kids, including a sailboat, a hill to climb, a Proper sandbox, a teepee, a swing and a hammock, a deck with stairs to go up and down, a screen door to open and shut and crawl through, and a wading pool. Griffin was in heaven. Not to mention two little girls who were happy to entertain him as much as he wanted. He was fascinated with them. And I just couldn't resist this picture, it was such a cute little scene:

He is just LOVING playing Peekaboo these days. He'll hide behind anything - a girl's skirt, the table top, the door, or, when all else fails, just a couple of his fingers. We'll say "Where's Griffin? Griffin, where are you?" and he just giggles away. The reveal is always very dramatic and exciting, and often involves hand clapping.

Anyway, I should run - hope your week will be full of exciting surprises, worthy of handclaps and giggles galore.

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