Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Poking our heads out (Occasionally!)

Hello! I'm sneaking in a moment here. It's been blazing hot (39 degrees, with the Humidex yesterday!) and we're all melting, and gooey, and sticky. We've got every fan in the house going, and we are being a little less adventurous than usual. Does it still count as lazy when it's this hot?

Having said that, we did get out to pick raspberries at the local U-Pick this morning. Yum! We have raspberries on the property, but can never seem to grow enough to actually have some make it into the house. It was bad enough with just Jai and I, but Griffin is a raspberry-eating-Machine! He ate so many that the U-Pick that he ended up throwing up (although that may have had something to do with the grass he added in, you know, for texture.) Anyway, I'm way too lazy to make jam, so will probably do what I did with all those strawberries - fruit roll-ups! I finally got myself a Dehydrator, and have made four batches of fruit roll-ups already. We all love them! And it says you can store them for up to a year, but I doubt they will last anywhere near that long.

Griffin's Grandma came out for a visit this weekend, and lucky Griffin ended up with a new desk and chair. We've set it up in the Bay window of the living room, and soon we will set up a little colouring station for him. Anyway, you know me, I couldn't resist taking a million pictures! And then I couldn't decide on my favourites. I'll put some here, and some on the Lauren Kaye Photography site, in case you want to see more (if your name is Griffin's Grandma!)

I also decided to try an Introductory Rate on the Photography Sessions and Prints. I researched the prices before I set it up, but was looking at different photographers throughout Canada. I'm thinking that maybe because we are in a more rural area, I will need to be way below what I would charge if we were in the city. (I mean, really, you can get an awesome haircut here for SEVEN DOLLARS!) People are pretty used to very cheap labour around here. Anyway, I haven't made it cheap, just a little more affordable, and if it's still going to be too much for people, then maybe it isn't a good business idea for around here anyway. Fingers crossed, and full speed ahead!

Or, at least, poking our heads out to take a look!


Anonymous said...

New pictures are great and the subject matter is just too cute. has been awful hot here too so I know what you mean.
Love to all.
Mom & Dad xxoo

Tanya said...

I am based out of Halifax, but grew up in Lawrencetown and graduated high school from Bridgetown if you wanted some advice re: your pricing structure! I'd be happy to help out.

Cheers, Tanya